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Nick Powelson Memorial

(1981 - 2001)

Mr. Nick Powelson

In the early 90's I gave a sword seminar in Evansville, Indiana.  There was one outstanding young man that caught my eye.  He was very talented in learning the sword skills and since he was already a Black Belt in Shodakan Karate, he had developed advanced mental focus and control skills.

Later that day his mom asked if it would be possible for her to bring Nick to Tennessee to train with the sword.  Mary wanted the best for her son.  She was a very intelligent and professional lady.  That set the stage for a lasting relationship with Nick and Mary.  For the next 5 years they made the trip to Tennessee weekly in all kinds of weather conditions.

Nick was already a good fighter, so I also set my goal to help him become a Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate and swordsmanship.  Nick was a handsome young man with much humor that actually got him in trouble at times.  I would have to laugh inside at some of his comments and he gave me lightheartedness that helped me become more compassionate.

Nick became an awesome swordsman.  He practiced and developed to a very high skill level for a teenager.  He was also an accomplished musician, singer and computer whiz.  Mary was a most profound mother and helped stimulate Nick into being a well rounded individual.  He also excelled in track and cross country.  He won many tournaments in sparring, weapons and forms.  Most of the tournament judges didn't appreciate the skill level that Nick had acquired.  Once he performed a combination of outstanding Nito sword (two sword) forms at a tournament and was not given the scores he deserved for it was beyond their skill knowledge.  I was not happy with his scores, but Nick came over, smiled and laughed about the whole thing.  That was the kind of person Nick was.  He could see humor in all situation, even when others would be upset.

Nick was a freshman in college and suddenly passed away in January of 2001.  It was as if my own son had passed from this world.  I have pictures of Nick and I and I look at them daily.  I am still sad about his passing.  Mary and Nick had a very profound impact on my life.  I will always be indebted to the many positive experiences and memories of both Nick and Mary.  Nick was a real Martial Artist and he will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Sensei Dale Kirby

7th Degree Black Belt

Senpai Leslie Kirby

3rd Degree Black Belt



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